Cuchillería Martínez is a company which has been dedicated for decades to the manufacturing of folding knives and knives in the village of Santa Cruz de Mudela, continuing with the centuries-old tradition of folding knives and knives manufactured by craftsmen. All our products bear the trademark that Juan José Martínez founded in 1951.

In 1951 Juan José Martínez founded the brand “J.J. Martínez”, a renowned and family-run company specialised in hand-crafted penknives. Its logo shows a semicircle representing a sun rising in the sky against the background of the village where it is settled, Santa Cruz de Mudela. It aims at symbolizing the beginning of a new future in la Mancha ́s plane.

Since his early years as a craftsman, Juan José Martínez was determined to work in the field. In fact, Santa Cruz de Mudela has been a benchmark for penknives and knives since the 1950s. He continued working actively until he went into retirement. He worked in different companies until 1951, when he began to work under his own name, making penknives and knives following the traditional methods and standards of quality of the Classical Spanish Penknife. He continued working actively until he went into retirement.

Nowadays his sons have followed the legacy of his father, a brand and a company which is reputed for his over fifty years of experience and his traditional know-how. Every piece of the penknife is traditionally made, from the blade to the handle. The former is cut, elaborated and tempered with great care. The latter is produced after the selection of materials such as bovine horn, deer horn and wood, amongst others, always under the premise of the perfect adaptation to the penknife as a product and its holder. The use of nickel silver, brass or steel give the piece its final and most exclusive touch that only the hands of an artisan know.

Juan José Martínez’s professional achievements:

- 1978. The Work Medal of Honour was presented to him by the “The Union Work of Craftwork”.

- 1988. His company was granted the qualification “Hand-crafted Company”,

- 1989. Reward granted by the “Businessmen Confederation”.

- 1990. Member of honour of the “Provincial Assotiation of Craftmen”.
- 1997. The “Region of Castilla La Mancha” awarded him the title “Master Craftman".

- 1997. Reward granted by the “Albacete Professional Knife Making Industry Assotiation”.

Cuchillería Martinez’s awards:

- 1989. Cualification of “Hand-crafted Company”.


- 2005. “Penknives and knives makers in Santa Cruz de Mudela” held at “Museo Municipal de la Cuchillería de Albacete”, from 11th March to 15 th August.

- 2005. “Cultural Week of the Region of Catilla La Mancha” held at “Centro Cultural Fernando de los Ríos” (Madrid) from 22nd to 29th October.

- 2007. “Manos Prodigiosas. Al filo de la Navaja”. Documentary produced by Castilla La Mancha Television Channel.